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“A team is not a group of people working together. A team is a group of people who trust each other. ʺ
Simon Sinek

Of all time, human capital has been a key component of the success of any organization. The challenges of bringing together the complementary talents and skills essential to the mission, generating the commitment of each member of the team towards shared values, and hiring and training people are more critical than ever. All in all, your team should be one of your top priorities.


Your management team is built around individuals with proven talent and skills, yet they tend to work in isolation wasting precious synergy? Your personnel turnover rate seems unusually high and employee retention is a key factor in your success? You have identified a few shortcomings of your sales and client services teams and practices? You have a succession challenge but don’t know what do to?

Your objectives

  • Bring harmony to the management team;
  • Optimize the performance of the sales, marketing, and client services teams;
  • Ensure efficient back-up at all levels of the organization;
  • Sharpen leadership notions and see to their day-to-day integration;
  • And more.

Top Coaching’s contribution

From the outset, we will listen attentively and thoughtfully to better grasp all the nuances of your reality and to precisely understand your unique challenges. Then, in line with your specific needs, we will bring to bear our expert or experts best suited to help you in the process leading you to reach your objectives. Our hand-picked personnel enjoy not only deep-rooted field experience but also master the top-performing tools of the trade. Their commitment to providing you with constant feedback makes them precious allies to your success. Finally, our reputation is built on quickly delivering real and measurable results.

Our tools


This area of our services adapts proven strategies and tools to the reality of your organization and, if need be, to your competitive situation.

Within a master class format, we will sharpen the skills of the high-value members of your team or those with high potential.

Leadership development

Our objective is to help you grow your organization by focusing on the development of your top performers. To sharpen and harness the skills of the individuals with the best potential. Having a hard time identifying them? We will help you to quickly determine who they are and develop them through:

  • Workshops, interactive lectures, and role-playing;
  • High-management individual or group coaching sessions;
  • Executive-level psychometric tools.


We ensure a quick and efficient integration of the elements acquired during the training into your day-to-day activities. One of our experts teams-up with your personnel for a typical action cycle and validates the approach.

The result? An impartial evaluation and relevant counsel in actual field action.

Executive coaching

This area of our services is directed specifically to managers with operational and/or strategic responsibilities right up to presidents who are, obviously, accountable for the performance of the organization as a whole.

On top of proposing planned coaching sessions adapted to the reality of your organization, we also offer timely support, as needed. This to ensure the optimal integration of the selected concepts and practices into your daily operations.


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