Your team, your organization is not operating at its full potential? You’re missing key elements to develop and execute a relevant game plan that will allow you to autonomously reach new heights of efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness?


Training, coaching, and leadership development based on in-depth field experience.


Training, coaching, and tailor-made support ensuring strategic consistency at all levels.


Training and coaching adapted to the realities of your organization as well as optimal integration of the relevant concepts and practices to your daily operations.

What you can expect!

After carefully listening to precisely understand your reality, the specific challenges you are facing and your expectations, our first move will be to select the right individuals from our pool of skilled specialists to provide you with the most relevant expertise. We will then develop with you an action plan tightly linked to the issues at hand but, first and foremost, that respects your organization’s unique character. Lastly, we will support you at each step of the execution process.

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What we can offer you!

Working in close collaboration with you and following our attentive listening and in-depth understanding of your objectives and expectations, we will propose a tailor-made plan that takes into account the reality of your business or organization.

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What we can offer you!

Crossing from theory to practice will always be a critical step in your success. Our team has the comprehensive skills and proven track record to support you at each step of the process with the relevant advice and tools.

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Our SBTATM approach


Stop, to avoid hitting the wall.


Take a break. Breathe.


Together, let’s look at all the options and draw your game plan.


Go to execution mode.

Optimize your operations!



What motivates me « What really turns both my brain and my heart on is when a Customer stops talking, looks upwards, eyebrows raised and says: “Huh!?... Never thought of it that way!”. »

Pierre-Stéphan Lafrance
Founding partner

What motivates me « The creation of a trusting relationship with my clients, leading to authentic communication and allowing for the sorting of their thoughts. »

Robert Molino

What motivates me « The privileged relationship I have with my clients, the growing trust, and the connection. »

Elyane Dicaire
Executive Assistant

What motivates me « Authentic relationships, mutually rewarding exchanges, the feeling of contributing and learning, and finally, that spontaneous look and smile that light up in my clients' faces when we hit upon something special and magic happens. »

Caroline Précourt
Psychometry Advisor

What motivates me « To transform a complex, dynamic and sometimes even chaotic business reality into a simple, clear, and achievable plan. »

Isabelle Mongeau

What motivates me « What excites me when working with clients is seeing them realize how much more time they can find in their day by choosing the right technology and creating efficient processes. »

Jennifer Regnier

What motivates me « When my clients realize how to make their numbers tell a compelling story based on solid data. »

Luc Chouinard
Financial Management Consultant

What motivates me « The energy and collaboration we experience as we work together to successfully move their  business forward. »

Mary Margaret Willoughby
Organization Development Expert

What motivates me « It's when I inspire action and boldness. Also, when my clients dare to recognize their unique and priceless value, dare to shine a light on themselves, feel connected and aligned with their lives and thus reveal their winning attitude. »

Michelle Morin
Coach and Trainor

What motivates me « I derive powerful satisfaction from unpacking my clients' complex problems to discover the most impactful, out-of-the-box solutions. »

Mike Frenette
Sales and Decision Making Strategist

What motivates me « To put my skills at the service of my clients and to continue learning to serve them even better.  Their varied experiences are for me as many colors that embellish and give meaning to our lives. »

Moussouba Sane
Content Manager, SEBAST Application

What motivates me « When original and inquisitive ideas flow back and forth and we create lightbulb moments together with lots of smiles. »

Pascale Adrien

What motivates me « To witness awakening moments, those moments which transform them deeply and lead to creative and accelerated results. »

Rachelle Daigle
Coach and Trainor

What motivates me « The acquisition and transfer of enriching knowledge, continuous innovation pushing back the limits of what is possible, the synergy of a team rowing in the same direction, and the achievement of concrete results that make a difference. »

Yan Raymond-Lalande
Project Manager, SEBAST Application

A few of our clients