We are, quite rightly, very proud of the long-standing relationships built over time with our clients. Many of them have agreed to underline our contribution to their success. We thank them for their kind words.


Mireille Jacques
Chef Owner and Founder, Oli Shish Taouk

I called on the executive coaching services offered by Top Coaching when I was caught up in something I couldn’t figure out, which clipped my wings. I immediately trusted Pierre-Stéphan, because I felt he was approachable, empathetic, understanding and respectful. I fully explained my challenges to him. He helped me understand what was going on deep inside me and empowered me to deal with different situations.

His coaching allowed me to embrace my role as a leader within my organization, and I immediately saw a difference within my team. My collaboration with him has been  a crucial component of my entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you Pierre-Stéphan!

Stéphane Lalancette
Senior Architect & Partner, OAQ, LLA Architecture

Two years ago, we joined forces to start a new firm offering professional architectural services. In order to successfully carry out this type of adventure, which involves several important challenges, a harmonious relationship between the associated partners is the key to success and to achieve this, a good understanding of each other is essential. It is in this context that we have mandated the professionals of Top Coaching to help us target the personality traits that are specific to each of us and to accompany us in this healthy and logical process.

I must say that the results have exceeded our expectations. This process was enriching and undoubtedly beneficial for our partnership in the long term. It has enabled us to equip ourselves for the future. I highly recommend Robert Molino and Pierre-Stéphan Lafrance. Two competent professionals with integrity and sensitivity to various business issues.

Jessica Forget
Vice-President, Memtronik Innovations

Top Coaching changed my vision forever. First, they helped me build my sales department.  They also taught me how to challenge myself and overcome my fears and self-imposed limitations.  And, most importantly, they showed me why and how to trust my instinct.  Top Coaching has opened new horizons for both my own career and Memtronik!  Thanks!

Zeeshan Farooq
Senior Account Manager, Eastern Canada & Northeast USA, Fluidigm

Robert Molino leads by example. His work ethics, passion, dedication and discipline are positively contagious with a team environment. These attributes are complimented by his wisdom, which he has attained from the many years of being a true sales professional.

Isabelle Mongeau
President, North America, Nikon Optical Inc.

Nikon Optical Canada is currently making a strategic shift: evolving from a product-centric approach towards a customer-centric one. Therefore, we required Top Coaching’s help to train our Sales Management Team first. The goal: to develop their coaching skills. The “Coaches Session” was a huge success. Not only did it equip them with actionable technical skills; it also provided a forum to develop commitment and motivation, thus ensuring that the entire Management Team now fully embraces the change. Pierre-Stéphan clearly applied the fundamentals of the approach and lead by example: stop, breathe, think, act. Thank you!

Eric Lazure
Partner, Therrien Couture Jolicoeur

My Team was recently faced with an unexpected, yet crucial and very complex request for quotes («RFP»). Top Coaching helped us define a clear response strategy and build a strong and balanced business case. And we won the deal with flying colors!

Vincent Dussault
Vice-President, Sales & Engineering, Exo-s

Hi Pierre-Stéphan,

I met with a key Customer of ours today.  And it went extremely well.

I’m dropping you a line to thank you for your coaching.

It was a textbook example:  customer hurt, decision making (choice between logic and feelings), keys of influence in a sales context (likability, credibility, etc.).

In short, a long yet exciting day!


Mark James
Field Sales Representative, SCIEX

Pierre-Stéphan combines a proven track record of surpassing corporate goals in the “real-world” sales and management environment with an attention to detail in an approachable and personal style. With exemplary interpersonal skills and a “lead by example” philosophy, Pierre-Stéphan inspires his reports and colleagues alike to attain the highest level

Joe Gaughan
Senior Director, EMEAI Genomics, Agilent Technologies

Robert Molino is a talented, visionary, dynamic and entrepreneurial sales professional who doesn’t get bogged down in details. He manages to combine professionalism and an eye for detail with genuine warmth, which helps generate the highest results from his fellow professionals and clients alike.

Danielle Beland
Strategic Accounts Manager, QIAGEN

Either as a colleague or manager, Robert Molino is unique, blending empathy, persuasion, knowledge, commitment and respect just to name a few. If you get the chance to cross his path, you’ll become a better person. And if he becomes your mentor, you’ll be successful. I had that chance and learned from him, and the results speak for themselves.

Richard McElligott
Business Development Manager, Myriad Genetics

Pierre-Stéphan has a very tactical and strategic selling approach. Furthermore, he shares his knowledge very well and gets people on board with his approach. He is one of the best sales coaches I’ve come across in my 12-year career in sales.

Sylvain Mailhot
Regional Business Manager, Roche Diagnostics

The work Pierre-Stéphan did training and coaching my team had two measurable impacts: my representatives got significantly more accountable for their results and, most importantly, we saw an actual increase in sales


Jean-René Bélanger
CEO, Imeka

This video (in French) is about our partnership with Espace-inc but it features key messages which were crafted and honed with the help of the Top Coaching team. We greatly appreciated the executive coaching Nancy, Pierre-Stéphan, and their entire team provided us with. The focus was on strategic sales and market development. The results are powering up Imeka’s profitability. Make sure you reach out to them to see how they could replicate that with your team!