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You’ve already accomplished a lot. Our dedicated unit, selected from within our team of experts in line with your specific needs, will assist you in your climb to new heights of performance. Looking to power-up your performances? We have your back!

Our team regroups seasoned professionals with complementary skills.  They are all passionate about their respective fields and committed to fully understanding the challenges you and your organization are faced with. But mostly, they are truly proud of putting their in-depth expertise to help drive your success.

« The Top Coaching experts helped me build my sales department. They encouraged me to go the extra mile. Top Coaching opened up new horizons for my career and Memtronik.»
Jessica Forget, Vice president, Memtronik

Pierre-Stéphan Lafrance
Founding partner

Pierre-Stéphan launched Top Coaching following a stellar career in various sales and marketing positions with international corporations, all leaders in their respective fields, such as Agilent Technologies and Roche Diagnostics to name but two. He holds a B. Sc. in Biochemistry from the Université de Sherbrooke.

From his start as a R&D chemist, Pierre-Stéphan’s superior interpersonal skills and passion for the sales process where the key to his rapid rise to the position of Country manager where he was responsible for a national multidisciplinary team of professionals. His keen interest in sales management, leadership development and the art of influencing is the cornerstone of his recognized expertise in the most up-to-date training and coaching programs.

Since 2015, Pierre-Stéphan is a regular speaker at the École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce where he also acts as a moderator during workshops on the subject of influencing with integrity.

At Top Coaching, Pierre-Stéphan will help you complete the assessment of your commercialization strategy and identify relevant training, coaching and tool optimization solutions.

What motivates me

« What really turns both my brain and my heart on is when a Customer stops talking, looks upwards, eyebrows raised and says: “Huh!?… Never thought of it that way!”. »

Robert Molino

Robert joined Pierre-Stéphan at Top Coaching soon after its launch, continuing their decades long collaboration.

With a master’s degree in molecular biology from the University of Toronto and a keen interest in business, he joined a small biotech start-up following his graduation and quickly rose to become manager of the production laboratory.  This pattern repeated itself within both small and large organizations over his twenty-five-year career including Canberra Packard, Varian, Qiagen and Bruker where he held multiple positions including sales representative, product specialist, regional manager and national manager.

Priding himself on his pragmatism, Robert’s approach always starts by listening to his clients and developing a deep understanding of their current situation and goals.  Bringing his wealth of experience and knowledge in fields as varied as technical sale, psychology and holistic personal development, he helps his clients clarify their thoughts and define a path forward.  He then accompanies them on their journey to achieving their objectives.

As cofounder of three companies, Robert actively applies his knowledge and experience to their operational as well as their strategic development.

At Top Coaching Robert is responsible for building our growing team of collaborators and offering both training and coaching to our executive clients.

What motivates me

« The creation of a trusting relationship with my clients, leading to authentic communication and allowing for the sorting of their thoughts. »

Elyane Dicaire
Executive Assistant

A Professional Assistant for more than 15 years, Elyane was determined from the onset to put in the time and effort required to master her craft.  She therefore chose to join multidisciplinary teams of professionals to gain as broad an experience as possible. Just to name a few, she worked in fields as diverse as engineering, customs brokerage, and international affairs.

No wonder she was quickly promoted to Executive Assistant! Her remarkable drive truly demonstrated itself in 2012 when she decided to start her own business as a virtual assistant.  Her success ever since speaks volumes.

She cannot help feeding her insatiable appetite for learning.  As a result, you can rely on Elyane to be on top of her game when it comes to the most up-to-date tools and, most importantly, the most efficient business practices.

At Top Coaching, Elyane assists you on a daily basis.  In addition, she helps capture and document the spirit and content of your strategic sessions with our coaches.

What motivates me

« The privileged relationship I have with my clients, the growing trust, and the connection. »

Sophie Lemieux
Management Advisor

Sophie is a Certified Management Consultant (C.M.C.) and member of the Ordre des Administrateurs Agréés du Québec.

She has a MBA and RCCTM (Registered Corporate CoachTM) title and more than 15 years experience in organizational performance management, coaching, multidisciplinary team management, project management, training and business development.

Sophie started her career with a B.Sc. in Microbiology and quickly earned management roles, which allowed her to climb the corporate ladder in the pharmaceutical industry. She has been a Consultant for many years and has gained expertise in various fields, which allows her to bring added value to her clients.

As an Instructor at Université de Sherbrooke and Concordia University, Sophie is familiar with best management practices and teaches various subjects in the management skills field (e.g.: creative leadership, power of influence…).

Sophie demonstrates a leadership style that focuses on positivity, vibrancy, active listening, healthy stress management and resilience. Driven by value-added processes, she’s very organized and loves to take on new challenges.

At Top Coaching, Sophie provides the best in organizational performance by proposing customized and creative solutions adapted to the reality of organizations.

What motivates me

« Learn together with my clients while having fun. »

François Goyette

An expert in strategic selling, François is recognized and respected for his intuition, analytical depth and insightful judgment.

As a specialist in the strategic development of innovations, he works hand-in-hand with SME owners-operators and their managers. He is an appreciated guide and a peerless facilitator.

As a lecturer since 2007 at both l’École des Sciences de la Gestion de l’Université du Québec à Montréal (ESG-UQAM) and l’Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), he shares his passion for B2B selling.

At Top Coaching, François puts his experience to work at helping you reach your objectives. He assists you in mapping strategy and analysing sales performance.

What motivates me

« To create with my entrepreneurial clients a mutual trust that allows me to quickly have a concrete impact on the success of their young organization.  »

Julie St-Laurent

Julie, to be clear, is truly from a world of media. She’s worked as a journalist, a reporter and a director in many newsrooms. With 20 years of experience in the field, 12 of which with Radio-Canada, she is at ease in the spheres of television, radio, writing, web and social networks.

Today, Julie works independently. Her leitmotif: highlight and publicize inspiring organizations and decision makers using new technologies. She is particularly interested in leaders who fully assume their social responsibility, in those who innovate for performance imperatives and even more so in those who honestly desire to leave a positive impact in their community. In short, she turns the spotlight towards those very actors of change who choose to embark on the path of the positive economy.

In addition to her journalistic expertise, Julie also puts her academic background in history to good use for companies that care about preserving and passing on their entrepreneurial heritage. She certainly knows how to tell a story and showcase it on the web using the latest technological tools.

At Top Coaching, Julie assists you in capturing your firm’s DNA and values to harness it for customer retention as well as team mobilization.

What motivates me

« When, beyond a business relationship, there is a human to human connection. »

Gisèle Bourgeois
Executive Coach

For over 20 years Gisèle has been a leading edge coach and trainer in the field of behavioural change and personal and professional accomplishment. As a training program designer, corporate learning solutions manager, peak performance coach, project leader, trainer and executive coach she has consistently demonstrated that her outcome-based approach facilitates change and achieves outstanding and consistent results. Gisèle’s coaching & training methodology is based on a cooperative process with a purposeful and productive interaction between the coach and the coached.

Gisèle has held leadership positions with several of the major players in the healthcare industry; Roche Diagnostics, Baxter Healthcare, NexJ Health Solutions, York University Connected Health & Wellness. She holds a B.Com from Concordia University, is Master Practitioner in NLP and Time Line Therapy, as well as many other certifications in sales training and influence strategy training and is is a certified TAIS Coach working with the Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business.

At Top Coaching, Gisèle delivers made-to-measure Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Programs, designing interventions and accompanying executives to elaborate impactful business strategies, develop personal and team skillsets and become overall better, more efficient leaders.

What motivates me

« To be given the honor and privilege of helping others learn and grow is the gift of being a professional development coach. I wake up every day excited to contribute to others’ success. »

Nancy Lahaie

Nancy is a seasoned commercialization strategist, always putting the customer at the center of every core decisions. She has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and market development.  She honed her skills in both large multinationals (such as Pfizer Canada and Roche Diagnostics) and smaller companies, covering both B2B and B2C markets. She is recognized for her ability to mobilize and engage teams around a project, a vision, and company objectives.

Since 2015, she is a lecturer at the Université Laval where she teaches the fundamentals of product commercialization to pharmacy students. Furthermore, she gives continuing education workshops at Concordia University where she shares best practices in strategic planning and the power of understanding your customer activity cycle.

At Top Coaching, Nancy assists you with positioning your company and managing its growth. In close collaboration with your teams, she simplifies the business planning process and ensures a thorough analysis of your market and your company.  Finally, she helps you develop an operational plan oriented towards the achievement of your objectives.

What motivates me

« The fire at the core of my clients! Their drive for wanting more for their business, their employees, and their clients! This motivation to surpass themselves inspires me to do the same. »

Jennifer Regnier

Jennifer is passionate about making people and companies more efficient and productive. She is driven to help others achieve success on social and economic levels by creating seamless processes and integrating technology to help them maximize time and results.

Jennifer developed extensive experience in program development and evaluation, volunteer management, strategic planning and business development in various front line and management roles during her 15 years in the not-for-profit sector. Always motivated to do more with less, this is where Jennifer found her calling in business and process optimization.

Jennifer has received two Gold Global Best Awards from the International Partnership Network, in collaboration with the Conference Board of Canada, for her innovation, program development and partnership building in support of youth entrepreneurship.

She is a self-proclaimed Data Geek and Worflow Ninja with a voracious appetite to seek out of the box solutions for clients that increase internal capacity resulting in better business results.

At Top Coaching, Jennifer will increase your teams’ productivity with innovative solutions and technological tools.

What motivates me

« What excites me when working with clients is seeing them realize how much more time they can find in their day by choosing the right technology and creating efficient processes. »

Mary Margaret Willoughby
Organization Development Expert

Mary Margaret brings the experience of her 25 years in Organization Development (OD) and Human Resources to your project. Past customers recognize her as a preeminent expert in OD and HR solutions in a broad range of settings — private-sector enterprises, academia, and not-for-profits.

Mary Margaret’s strategies and techniques in coaching, training, mobilizing, and evaluating executives, senior leaders, and staff deliver success. She specializes in guiding companies through all phases of change management such as startups, growth, mergers & acquisitions, and downsizing. And she has a talent for turning employees into expert business partners and in-house consultants for their own companies.

She teaches graduate-level courses in OD and HR at local colleges and universities—which keeps her skills up to date and drives her to stay current on the best practices and latest developments in the field.

Mary Margaret holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management and Masters in HRD/Organization Development and maintains her SPHR and SHRM-SCP certifications.

At Top Coaching, Mary Margaret works with your executive team to shape the culture and future of your company.

What motivates me

« The energy and collaboration we experience as we work together to successfully move their  business forward. »

Benoît Lamontagne
Management Consultant

Trained as an electrical engineer, Benoît is a member in good standing of the “Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec” (Order of Engineers of Québec) and the “Ordre des Administrateurs Agréés du Québec” (Order of Chartered Administrators of Québec).

Benoît has worked in the aerospace and avionics products industry for over 13 years. Over the course of his tenure he met various challenges which allowed him to develop his expertise in project management, continuous improvement, training and the management of organizational transformations.

Driven by his great thirst for knowledge, Benoît is presently completing his master’s in business administration (MBA) at the Montréal HEC University. He was also accepted as a certified management consultant candidate at CMC Canada.

Benoît applies his expertise to help his clients and his collaborators achieve their professional and organizational objectives. He distinguishes himself by his professionalism, his leadership, his authenticity and his high ethical values.

At Top Coaching, Benoît helps you take a new perspective on your organization in order to optimize your business processes and ensure the coherence with your individual and collective efforts.

What motivates me

« Understanding their situation thoroughly to find the right tools to accompany them in reaching their objectives.  »

Luc Chouinard
Financial Management Consultant

Luc is a seasoned financial management professional who brings deep experience, business acumen and a commitment to collaboration to every challenge. He is a big-picture thinker with a knack for integration and a track record spanning the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Facilities Management, Procurement, Contracting, IT and Customer Relations in service organizations in both the private and broad public sectors.

Luc is driven to making a difference in leading and contributing toward achieving measurable business outcomes. He is as comfortable rolling up his sleeves working on detailed financials as he is transforming an organization to build a positive culture aligned with business goals.

Luc has a B. Comm from McGill University and is a CPA, CMA.

At Top Coaching, Luc will assist you in understanding how your scarce resources can be optimized to achieve and exceed your organization’s goals.

What motivates me

« When my clients realize how to make their numbers tell a compelling story based on solid data. »

Rachelle Daigle
Coach and trainer

Her passion and life mission: to awaken awareness, connect people to their potential, maximize the use of their natural styles, and inspire them to action and fully thrive.

Her professional career covers a wide spectrum: B2B and B2C sales, training, and a specialization in coaching.

Rachelle is a certified leadership expert at the Director level with the John Maxwell Team. She has worked her way up the coaching ladder with the Maxwell Team and was chosen as a member of the team’s teaching faculty at the international level.  She is responsible for the coaching component in their French division.

As an executive coach, she works with leaders in a variety of industries and across different countries. In addition, Rachelle teaches corporate coaching techniques to help executives become better leaders and empower their team members.

At Top Coaching, Rachelle helps you enhance your leadership with tools validated in all kinds of businesses.  She also brings her strengths in coaching, a powerful approach that transforms and leads to another level of fulfillment and self-actualization.

What motivates me

« To witness awakening moments, those moments which transform them deeply and lead to creative and accelerated results. »

Claudelle Lafrance
Psychometrics Advisor

With already more than ten years of experience behind her belt, Claudelle is passionate about human relationships.  Her diversified professional experience ranges from increasing self-awareness in groups and individuals, to empowering vulnerable populations.  Recognized early on as a natural leader with strong work ethics, she was quickly offered team supervision and management responsibilities. Her B. Sc. in Psychology, completed in 2018, gives her a keen scientific eye for understanding human personalities and associated behaviours

She’s currently immersed in her M. Sc. in Professional Counseling.  Her goal is to use her talents and competencies to assist and empower individuals and organizations undergoing a transition.  A very good example is her deep understanding of psychometric tools and their real-life applications.

What turns her brains and heart on?  Popularizing state-of-the-art discoveries in the field of interpersonal relationships and, above all, make them applicable by her customers.  She is already developing tailored training and coaching programs for professionals.

At Top Coaching, Claudelle helps you figure out who your employees and customers really are, and what drives them. She also assists you with increasing your own self-awareness, so you can implement the most authentic and strategic ways to communicate with your collaborators.

What motivates me

« See in the eyes of my clients that they understand themselves better and, therefore, accept themselves as they are more easily.»

Pascale Adrien

Pascale Adrien takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy development. She fully understands an organization’s vision and objectives and what is needed strategically to achieve them. She is a marketing and business development professional with 20+ years of experience in the fashion and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. She has now added Charity and Non-Profit Organizations to her roster.

Pascale is passionate about bringing-to-market products and services. She does so by fusing creativity and data to drive growth. She identifies industry, market trends and client pain points. She then reconciles the various challenges faced by the marketing and sales departments and brings them into a coherent whole.

Some of her current mandates include successfully rebranding organizations and spearheading major strategic shifts. She does so by developing corporate sponsorship programs, online fundraising campaigns, and assisting in transforming IT from a functional focus to an enabler of innovation for the organization.

Previously, as Vice-President Canada Sales, Global Licensing and Creative Strategy, Pascale led multi-disciplinary marketing, merchandising, and sales teams for Canada and International Licenses. During this time, she drove the growth of Canadian sales and international licenses and repositioned the brand as a recognized and credible player in the legwear industry.

At Top Coaching, Pascale assists in aligning all the elements of the Marketing model with organizational strategies helping you identify new opportunities and shifting the focus to your customer and their needs.

What motivates me

« When original and inquisitive ideas flow back and forth and we create lightbulb moments together with lots of smiles. »

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