How you will be better supported

Top Coaching regroups seasoned experts passionate about their respective fields. But even more about warm and true relationships. The hand-picked team assigned to you will, as needed, validate your processes, harness and optimize the talents and skills of your people and maximize the effectiveness of your internal and external communications.

Take advantage of our field experience

Our approach is based on the cumulative in-depth experience gleaned in the sales, marketing, client services, and leadership development fields. Environments where one is called upon to rise daily to the challenge of convincing clients that the products or services offered will enable them to reach their objectives. Environments where the responsibility of recruiting, training, mobilizing, and evaluating team member performance is never-ending.

A world where the talent of influencing with integrity is essential to succeed.

Take advantage of our proven methods

Each of our programs and tools has been successfully implemented and used by numerous Canadian, American, and International corporations. Companies with sales teams varying from ten to hundreds of representatives. Service companies. Manufacturing companies. Companies such as yours.

Our proven training and coaching methods have but one objective:  to optimize your sales process and generate real and measurable results.

Optimize your operations!



Our mission

Help individuals and organizations durably improve their performances through our expertise in diagnostics, training, coaching, and leadership development as well as our resolutely human approach.


Our values



We are honoured by your trust. Your personal or organizational strategies are treated as privileged information.


We love what we do and we do what we love.


Our word is our bond. Always.


Your success defines our own.


We say what we think and think what we say.


What you see is what you get.

Power-up your organization
and reach new heights!