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Authentic Leadership Workshops

Course #3 : How to transition from a group to a team

– You are tired of having to use the carrot or the stick to get your employees truly involved?

– You are running out of ideas and tools to motivate them, and wonder what they really want?

– You are at a loss when it comes to getting them to work as a tightly knit team?

This 1-day (7.5 hours) workshop is for you. It will provide you with an overview and concrete tools to apply immediately.


  • Executives
  • Directors
  • Managers


By the end of this interactive training, you’ll be able to…

  • Describe the various types of motivations
  • Summarize the three pillars of your employees’ engagement
  • Implement the right conditions to create a tightly knit, innovating, and high-performance team
  • Identify what psychometric tools to pick to mobilize and develop your crew members
  • Develop an action plan to start implementing the new notions as soon as you get back to work


Having completed Course #1: How to transition from boss to leader and Course #2: How to transition from authority to influence


Let’s be clear: why pay for training since, in 2020, information is readily available and free?  Because, above all, you will get to experience our mantra SBTATM (Stop. Breathe. Think. Act). In other words, we will start by taking the time to understand YOUR reality and YOUR challenges (Zoom-Out). Then we will help you implement the acquired notions in YOUR context (Zoom-In). Thus, building YOUR future.

A personalized training certificate (7.5 hours) will be provided to each participant.

Contact us to find out how we will customize this course for your team!


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