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Concerned with:

-costly and ineffective training?

-theoretical strategies that don’t yield any field results?

-the development of succession?



This program ensures quick and efficient integration of the elements covered in training in the daily routine of your sales, marketing and customer service team. A Top Coaching professional works closely with your staff during a typical activity cycle and validates its approach. Results: an impartial assessment and relevant advice in the heat of the action.


This program is tailored to top executives and senior managers who are in command of a sales, marketing or customer service team and who are looking to maximize team performance. Along with primary course offerings suited to the reality of your business, Top Coaching also provides stand-alone coaching, if necessary, to ensure the smooth integration of relevant concepts and procedures to your daily operations.


  • Due diligence
  • Growth potential
  • Opportunities and threats

15 steps that help to make a comprehensive assessment of your marketing process.

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  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic and tactical plans
  • Succession development

Support and advice in the heat of the action for you and your team.

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  • Leadership development
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Marketing
  • Customer service

Master proven tools and strategies.

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  • Talent retention
  • Mobilization
  • Commitment

Develop and refine the art of influencing with integrity.

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