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  • Due diligence
  • Growth potential
  • Opportunities and threats

15 steps that help to make a comprehensive assessment of your marketing process.

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  • Executive coaching
  • Strategic and tactical plans
  • Succession development

Support and advice in the heat of the action for you and your team.

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  • Leadership development
  • Sales and negotiation
  • Marketing
  • Customer service

Master proven tools and strategies.

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  • Talent retention
  • Mobilization
  • Commitment

Develop and refine the art of influencing with integrity.

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Your sales are slipping and you fear you won't make your numbers ?
Your sales are through the roof and you fear losing control ?
Your sales are on track and you fear the complacency trap ?


1 Stop

2 Breathe

3 Think

4 Act

This procedure, designed for high risk environments where any hesitation, any error, may prove fatal, is appropriate for any complex management situation.

Maintain control by clearly identifying your options and preparing an effective action plan with the help of our team of proven sales and marketing professionals.

Success is closer than you think.

Power-up your organization now:

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Extensive field experience

Our approach is based on the real-life experience gleaned by our coaches in the trenches of the sales, marketing, customer service and leadership development worlds. Worlds where one is called to take on the daily challenge of convincing clients and prospects, that our products or services are the best solution to help them reach their objectives. Worlds where the responsibility of recruiting, training, mobilizing and evaluating top performers are critical issues.

Worlds where the ability to influence the decision is the key to success.

Proven methods

Each of our programs and tools have been successfully implemented and used by numerous Canadian, American and International corporations with teams varying from ten to hundreds of professionals. Service companies. Manufacturing companies. Companies such as yours.

Our proven training, coaching and leadership development methods have but one objective: to optimize your operations and generate real and measurable results.

Our motto: Influencing with integrity

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